About our company

Our mission

Aware that we cannot install the exterior siding for the entire province of Quebec, we have decided to sell our products online. Now accessible to all, you can install your coating yourself or choose a contractor who will install your coating in your area.

Our history

Founded in 2013, Construction P. Moisan is truly an exterior cladding specialist. With hundreds of achievements, we are not embarrassed to say that we are a reference in this field in the greater Quebec City region. Having always had a storefront on the web, it is important for us to move forward by offering the sale of contractor grade exterior siding online.

Our approach

Construction P. Moisan is proud to do business with Quebec hardware stores to provide exterior siding to all our customers. It is important for us to encourage the local economy. Our approach is simple and modern. You just have to choose the desired exterior coating and the delivery date. We'll take care of the rest. Thanks to our large contact network, we are able to offer you the most beautiful exterior siding at the best prices.

Our Philosophy

It can be difficult for some people to access the best type of exterior siding. For a new construction, a renovation project or for a construction contractor as well as for a designer, we believe that offering the best products to the entire population will aim to greatly improve the lifespan of buildings. .

"I highly recommend this very professional company in addition to exceptional know-how! Thank you to the entire Construction P. Moisan team.
Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. "