Which siding is the best?


Here are the 5 best exterior siding for the climate in Quebec.


Choosing the best exterior siding is important when it comes to renovating or building a new home project. The exterior siding has an average lifespan of around 30 years, so it is very important to choose a good material that will last over the years and remain beautiful despite our harsh weather conditions!

It is very important to know that even if you choose the best exterior siding, the right siding installation according to manufacturer's standards and building code is paramount.

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1. The fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is certainly one of the most discussed in recent years in Quebec. After'item of the order of architects concerning fiber cement, published in 2011, has had a bad look for a few years, even though it is one of the best. The order of architects finally retracted in 2015 in another item, this one much less severe and critical towards material.

First and foremost, the fiber cement siding is mainly 12 'length planks, painted on one side. Several models are now available, with wood grains (the most popular), smooth and even in 4x8 panels. The average fiber cement warranty is 30 years. The most popular and best-selling company is James Hardie. It offers several kinds of colors and models. Window corners and moldings are also available in white or other colors depending on supplier availability.

To do theinstallation fiber cement siding, it is important to do business with a company specializing in the field because the coating is still complicated to install. If you are skilled and wish to install it by yourself, we advise you to read the installation guide carefully.

With an average cost per plank, lots of color choices available in several hardware stores in Quebec. Fiber cement siding is a good quality material with several good sides. We strongly advise to choose only James Hardie and St-Laurent products, because we have tested them on our different projects.

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2. The wood fiber coating

The wood fiber siding commonly known as Canexel is a very popular material in Quebec. The most popular brand is the Canexel manufactured by LP The wood fiber siding is very strong and going up to lengths of 12 'and a width of 12 ", it makes it a siding of choice for many homes in Quebec. The joints being mechanical joints of the same color as the coating makes it one of its weak points. They are not exactly the same color and make it visible from a distance.

The wood cladding is installed thanks to an jointing in the bottom of the boards. The boards are then nailed in the part called the nailing line. With water and temperature changes, the wood fiber siding tends to loosen and warp. The cause is mainly the lack of air behind the coating or water infiltration by the drip moldings, sometimes non-existent. The bad installation can also be the cause, it is also advisable to do business with a contractor specializing in exterior cladding.

Basically, wood fiber siding is a good siding. The price is average and the lifespan is good, depending on the installation of the coating. The choice of color and variety and several hardware stores in Quebec offer Canexel products. We strongly recommend that you read the installation manual before installing the wood fiber siding.

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3. The steel coating

Steel siding has become popular again more than ever in recent years in Quebec. Forget the old '80s embossed sheet metal and now lean towards the new materials of the 21st century. Thanks to the steel, we can install the siding on lengths up to 25 'and more without joints.

In addition, the steel perfectly imitates wood thanks to the Distinction coating by Métalunic and MAC coatings. The great durability of steel against the sun makes it one of its great qualities. Steel will not change colors for several years, will not rust because it is galvanized and does not rot like wood. No need to repaint it every 5 years like wood too. Steel siding are offered in several thicknesses commonly called Gauge. The more the Gauge is higher, the thinner the steel.

Steel products are excellent for installing exterior siding on homes. You have to be careful though because the steel is rather thin and can easily be pinched or warped if you hang it up. It does not have a perfect coating, but the steel is excellent and we should review it in great force for the next few years to come in Quebec. We recommend doing business with a contractor in exterior siding to install steel cladding.

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4. The wood coating

Wood siding is still popular in Quebec. The main coverings installed are spruce, such as Maibec, and pine, such as Juste du Pin products. Wood is not recommended by us for installation on a home. Wood coverings require maintenance every year. Some boards even have the annoying habit of rising in the sun. You can see the joints that force on the sunniest walls and the sap sometimes leaking out.

Wood is a noble siding. Some municipalities or areas only accept wood siding. This is when you have to be very careful about how to install the boards. It is always recommended to do the installation by a specialized contractor in the installation of exterior wood siding. The installation technique requires experience and to be well equipped because we must staple the wood covering using a stapler and a angle jig. The angle jig can be supplied by the siding supplier or the tool supplier. This tool is essential because it pushes the staple at the right angle to prevent the wood from retracting.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend installing wood siding on a house, as it requires too much maintenance, the boards tend to work more than any other type of siding and the price is above average. We are aware that in certain municipalities or certain projects wood is compulsory. We then recommend the Maibec and Juste du Pin brands, depending on the species you want. They are easily found in hardware stores in Quebec. We have tested its products ourselves on different projects.

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5. Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular type of exterior siding in Quebec. Most homes built in the 90's and 2000's have mostly vinyl on their house. The main reasons were the low cost of this material, the speed of installation and non-existent maintenance for about thirty years. However, over time vinyl tends to lose its luster more quickly than other coatings. Wind is also the sworn enemy of vinyl siding, it is not uncommon to see slats fail in storms or very strong winds.

When choosing your vinyl siding, it is important to choose a good contractor to install that type of siding. Although we don't particularly recommend siding for homes in 2020, it is suitable for the budgets of many households. Vinyl siding is available in all hardware stores in Quebec. Several brands are offered including Mitten, Residential, Gentek and Kaycan. The choice of color is great and the price of the material is low. We especially recommend the installation of vinyl siding on sheds and garages for example.

The sidings mentioned above are all very good materials. The main reason why some of these materials do not age well is the improper installation of these. That is why we always recommend doing business with a contractor specializing in exterior cladding.